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Vertical blinds
are custom made to your specifications at Blind Corner, a vertical blind manufacturer in the UK for 20 years. We are manufacturers of vertical blinds to the trade and domestic market, and because Blind Corner are a window blind manufacturer, our vertical blinds are made to measure, and we sell window blinds direct to you the customer. We specialise in conservatory vertical blinds which enhance the customers existing vertical window blinds. Blind Corner offer over 100 vertical window blind fabrics to choose from in eight colour ranges. The vertical blind slats are made in washable materials and with Blind Corner you are bound to find the right shade, style and design to match your home or office.

Free samples of vertical blind slats and louvres are always available so that you can find the perfect match for whatever space. As the vertical blinds are made to measure to fit your window specifications, you can be assured of getting the right fit whether you choose inside mount (recessed) vertical blinds or outside (wall) mount vertical blinds.

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UK Vertical Blind Manufacturers For More Than 20 Years

Vertical blinds whether for home or office are often referred to as slat blinds, because of the vertical louvres or slats which are attached to the headrail. Headrails for the vertical window blinds come in white and dark brown with matching fixing brackets. Blind Corner manufacture quality vertical window blinds which blend in with the blind fabric and dress the window perfectly to match the decor and design of your home.

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As a UK vertical blind manufacturers for more than 20 years, we know how well vertical blinds control the light in a room. The many slats or louvres which make up the blind can be angled to let the optimum amount of light in, yet can protect against very hot, bright direct sunlight at the same time. Blind Corner cater for all window sizes and prices for larger vertical window blinds on request. As UK vertical window blind manufacturers we know how popular our ranges of colours and styles have been, and we have now increased the range of fabrics available to the conservatory vertical window blinds customers and vertical window blinds market in general.

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"Blind Corner manufacture custom made vertical window unique to your particular specifications. Not only will you get the right fit, but you will also get them at affordable price. "
Within 5 minutes you can have a competitive price quote on some unique vertical blinds and have free samples on their way within the UK . Once you receive your free vertical blind sample and confirmation of your quoted price the rest is up to you. To receive your blinds all you have to do to is confirm your order: We use an overnight carrier to deliver our blinds within the UK.

Simply call us on 01604 671189 or get a FREE INSTANT QUOTE for your vertical window blinds.
Contact Blind Corner for details of how you can get beautiful custom made Vertical Window Blinds.

There are many interesting articles about Vertical Blinds on our website. Click on any of the links above to read them. Here is one example of one of our latest articles:

Blinds V Curtains Costs

It is true that blinds have become a major design trend over the last couple of decades, yet many homeowners still use curtains to decorate their homes, why is this? It would generally appear that curtains are still far more practical and much easier to maintain than blinds. A well-chosen curtain is always a great piece that can easily go well with other design elements like furniture and area, providing there aren’t dramatic changes with the general decor of the room/space in question.

It was thought a big advantage of curtains over blinds is maintenance: the latter is considerably harder to maintain. It can get difficult to clean blinds because you have to wipe down each slat to remove dust and debris - a tedious process. In contrast, maintaining curtains is relatively easy because you could just send it out for dry cleaning or throw it in the washing machine for a quick wash. But, I ask a question, surely there is less risk of damaging a vertical blind compared to a curtain as there can be a risk of shrinkage and loss of colour in washing if not done correctly?

Another theory is price of curtains compared to blinds. Quite often it is quoted that curtains are so ‘much cheaper’ as compared to blinds. For instance, custom made vertical blinds have to be made by professionals, and that could easily set you back a pretty penny, which is true. Meanwhile, curtains are comparatively cheap and simple to install - so simple, in fact, that you could do it yourself. The current trend is moving toward lighter fabrics for curtains, so you don't have to worry about custom drapery with thick and heavy fabrics. These trends about curtains are true, however blinds too have become cheaper and more accessible. As for custom vertical blinds, like anything else if you are paying extra for a bespoke service then you should expect to have a better quality and longer lasting item.

In conclusion there will always be pros and cons for curtains or blinds, or is it blinds or curtains. Simply, you the purchaser needs to be comfortable with your decision and what works for you.

For more information about high quality custom made vertical blinds for your home, call Blind Corner on 01604 671189, or contact us online.

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